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FOR HIRE -See below for Harpsichord & Bass viol for HIRE, and links to other early music groups at the bottom of the page


RESCHEDULED EMSV Players/singers meeting - Friday March 5th at 7.30pm

For details of venue email or see Members' section.  Non members welcome.


The evening will start with prepared items followed by group playing/ singing. 

Those who wish to perform a short (less than 5 min) item, please let Lyn know by email ( as performing slots will be limited to 5 – first in best dressed. 


General playing will include principally English renaissance music

All music will be supplied. Item to be workshopped include:

Dowland     First book of Airs (a4 + lute in tab)

Gibbons      Blessed Are All They a5

Purcell        The Night a 4

Byrd           Though Amaryllis Dance a5

Morley        Fire, Fire, My Heart a5

Gibbons      Blessed Are All They a5

Then if we have time

Galilei         In Exita Israel a4 + lute / kbd

Gabrieli G  O Magnum Mysterium a8

Isaac           Optime Pastor a6

Pitch for the group items will be A440.

People are welcome to stay for a simple evening meal, followed by viol consort music.


COVID RESTRICTIONS: The numbers present are limited to 30, so please let me know by email if you are coming beforehand.  The first 30 will be accepted. 

Please keep socially distanced from people outside your family group. Singers should be especially careful to stand or sit in front of other people rather than behind them, when singing.
Enquiries Lyn Hawkins 0407 765 220, or email



Instruments for sale (4 viols & a harpsichord)

FOR SALE: 6 string Bass viol, hard case and bow. $5,500.

6-string bass viol by the Czech string instrument maker, Ceske, originally bought from The Early Music Shop in the UK 20 years ago. It has been fitted with "geared pegs" which makes tuning a dream.

 Enquiries: Andrew Parkin - / 0415 686 734 




[h.s: signature] ‘88
A very fine bass viol based on the work of Nicolas Bertrand, Paris, ca 1700. This viol is very light
and responsive and is in virtually perfect condition. There are some minor marks in the varnish,
but otherwise undamaged. It retains its original “coffin” style case, made by John Hall and has a
playing string length at present of 690mm.
The belly is carved out of 2 pieces of bookmatched pine of fine to medium grain. The back and sides are of flamed maple of a medium figure, the back bookmatched with the flame descending slightly to the flanks. There is a single line of black/white/black purfling front and back, the back decorated with a double inlaid vesica in the lower bout.
The oil varnish is in very good condition and is a light golden colour.
The neck and head are of lightly figured maple, surmounted with a carved female head and recently fitted with 7 planetary pegs. The fingerboard and tailpiece are of maple veneered with Macassar ebony.
The viol is very good to play, loud, resonant and well balanced. It comes with a full set of strings.
PRICE: $AUD 10,000.00.  Contact: Kristina Johnson  Phone: 0435 043 767  Location: Melbourne  

FOR SALE: 3 Muthesius viols (treble, tenor and bass) for sale

German Ingo Muthesius. Bass, Tenor and Treble. Can sell together or separately. $20,000au for the set of three.

Please contact Sue Kelly for further details and photos.

FOR SALE: A full concert size double manual Hugh Craig harpsichord Hugh made for the Sydney Opera house circa 1975. It is 9’3” long and 45” wide and 3’ 1.5” high.

My husband started this project, but life got in the way. All Hugh’s parts are in a sealed box, unopened, as they came, list as follows: 310 HCH Harpsichord jacks-plastic, 6 packs of Delrin plectrum strips, 1 pack leather plectrum strips, Lock key, 3 metres Spring wire, Jack damper felt strips (enough for 310 jacks), Damper insertion tool, 5 tongues, 10 pivot pins, 1 extra length of spring wire, 3 complete jacks

The instrument has a cabinet made from Queensland walnut, with rosewood keyboard keys and ivory sharps. It requires finishing to be playable. Please see photos attached.  Cost: Instrument- $1,500 (negotiable). Parts: $1,708 (direct exchange rate)  Or  $3,000 for the whole package. 

Kristine Mellens 0407 392918