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Instruments for sale

FOR SALE: 6 string Bass viol, hard case and bow. $5,500.

6-string bass viol by the Czech string instrument maker, Ceske, originally bought from The Early Music Shop in the UK 20 years ago. It has been fitted with "geared pegs" which makes tuning a dream.

 Enquiries: Andrew Parkin - / 0415 686 734 


FOR SALE: A full concert size double manual Hugh Craig harpsichord Hugh made for the Sydney Opera house circa 1975. It is 9’3” long and 45” wide and 3’ 1.5” high.

My husband started this project, but life got in the way. All Hugh’s parts are in a sealed box, unopened, as they came, list as follows: 310 HCH Harpsichord jacks-plastic, 6 packs of Delrin plectrum strips, 1 pack leather plectrum strips, Lock key, 3 metres Spring wire, Jack damper felt strips (enough for 310 jacks), Damper insertion tool, 5 tongues, 10 pivot pins, 1 extra length of spring wire, 3 complete jacks

The instrument has a cabinet made from Queensland walnut, with rosewood keyboard keys and ivory sharps. It requires. Please see photos attached.  Cost: Instrument- $1,500 (negotiable). Parts: $1,708 (direct exchange rate)  Or  $3,000 for the whole package.  Kristine Mellens 0407 392918