First meeting for 2023 - Sat February 25th 2023


Saturday February 25th at 2.30 pm

Non-members: please email for the address.

      *** COVID ***   Please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated.


All WELCOME - Non members may attend, but need to register first via the EMSV eamil address:


Singers / instrumentalists can participate in the group playing, but instruments must be of authentic style for the period. The pitch for the afternoon for general playing will be A440 (modern). All vocal parts will be doubled by an instrument.


General playing/singing - music will be supplied and all pieces will have a rehearsal keyboard part available. If you want a sneak preview most of it is on web sites CPDL or IMSLP. 

Pieces to be played/ sung will be posted shortly.


Performances: Groups or individuals are invited to play a short item (3 - 5 minutes). Let Lyn know if you want to perform, as time slots are limited to 4. For performances the harpsichord can be at A415 or A440 but please let me know if I need to transpose it to A415 for a performance.


Enquiries Lyn Hawkins 0407 765 220, or email

Membership Application Form : 

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