EMSV meeting - Sunday 23rd June 2024.



Sunday 23rd June at 2.30 pm

Non members are welcome, but must register first with Jim Bland via the EMSV email : emsvofvic@gmail.com, and the address will be emailed back to you. (Lyn is Hawkins will be away so the meeting venue will be different from normal)

Performances: Groups or individuals are invited to play a short item (3 - 5 minutes).
Let Lyn know if you want to perform, please email me prior to the meeting as only 5 slots are available
For performances, the harpsichord can be at A415 or A440 but please let Lyn know if it needs to be transposed to A415 prior to the meeting, otherwise it will be at A440.


Group playing:

Singers / instrumentalists can participate in the group playing, but instruments must be of authentic style for the period.  The pitch for the afternoon for general playing will be A440 (modern).  All vocal parts will be doubled by an instrument.


German high renaissance music will be workshopped.
General playing/singing - music will be supplied in a variety of clefs. The music is for voices and instruments and all vocal lines are doubled by at least one instrument, so you can sing beside 'your' instrument. There will usually be many players/singers per part.

Pieces to be played / sung - for 4 - 8 players/ singers  tba


Most pieces will have a rehearsal keyboard part available.  If there is more than 1 keyboard player, take it in turns to play.

 Any queries email Jim Bland on emsvofvic@gmail.com


FOR SALE: "Schaler low pitch bass recorder"

Please contact Ursula Grawe, 0475 210 018 or  03 9337 8020




The EMSV harpsichord are currently out on hite.  Details are available at http://emsv.org.au/hire-instruments or to check the hire status, email Liz Zetzmann through the EMSV email address: emsvofvic@gmail.com

membership application form: 

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