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About the EMSV, and Membership application form at the bottom of the page


Next event:   

NEXT EMSV MEETING will be on Sunday 20th February, 2022 (assuming Covid restrictions allow it).

 EMSV PLAYERS' MEETING –  venue to be announced

2.30 - 5.00 pm. Email emsvofvic@gmail.com for address, or see members section.

A renaissance / early baroque musical afternoon of  choral / instrumental works.
Any singers / instrumentalists can participate in the group playing, but instruments must be of authentic style for the period.

General playing - 6 to 8 part music from 1550 - 1700 will be supplied for singers and instrumentalists. Playing pitch will be A440.


Members who wish to perform a short (less than 5 min) item, please let Lyn know by email (emsvofvic@gmail.com ) as performing slots will be limited to 4 – first in best dressed. The harpsichord will be available at A440 or 415.

Enquiries Lyn Hawkins 0407 765 220, or email emsvofvic@gmail.com .


EMSV Members can access upcoming concerts, virtual concerts and links to recorded early music concerts on the member's page.

If you've forgotten the EMSV members' password, email emsvofvic@gmail.com.

Membership application form at the bottom of this page.


The Early Music Society of Victoria, (EMSV) Australia, was established in 1979.

Through its activities it encourages and promotes the performance and enjoyment of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque music.

Music written before 1750 is a particularly rich source for ensemble players of modest technique and this is the main focus of our meetings.

The society's aims are:

1. to promote interest in early European music and period style musical instruments, and to present musical performances in as authentic a manner as possible.

2. to encourage and provide facilites for amateur music-making of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods on period style instruments.

3. to sponsor public recitals by both members and nonmembers who can establish a high standard of performance.

4. to keep members informed of Victorian early-music activities, principally through circulation of a regular email "What's On in Early Music" and this website.


Regular bi-monthly meetings workshop pieces for authentic-style instruments and singers from medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. Music is provided.

All members are invited to participate, either as singers or playing authentic style instruments such as viola da gamba (viols), recorder, sackbut, curtal, dulcian, shawm, cornett, harpsichord, baroque violin, baroque cello, lute, theorbo etc

Individual members or groups are also able to perform short items at the meetings.

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